Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thank You For Being Born


eheyy, lagu VIXX Thank You For Being Born really moved and touched me. soooo ~~ i dont know what to sayy lhaaa.

the lyrics, the melody wow ! just WOW ! (not a new song, i just heard in VIXX PICNIC SHOW.)

i like the lyrics "Your birthday only once in a year, how can i forgot the date"

ahhh, i'm still listening to it nowww ~~~

"Chukkae, Happy Birthday to my love,"
"even after 10 years passed, it feel like only one day passsed"
" i wont change, i'll make your heart race everyday, i'm promise"
"Thank you so much, thank you my love"
"For being born today, for coming to me"
"meeting you are a great fortune in my life, NOW"
"blow out the candles, my love"

sweet kan liriknyaa ~~~ make the person feel appreciate !

okay, that's all. ahaahhaha

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