Thursday, May 7, 2015

The time i wish i can run !

Human being,
Like me, because i am a human ~~
since in primary school,
i got problem with my friend.
they accuse me something that i didnt do.

Someone had put a cold act whenever she with me,
because she thought that i flirting with his boyfriend.
can you imagine accusing me when i'm in year 4 ?
i'm not thinking to do thatt.

after many years passed, last year,
she apologize to me.
what can i say except
"i forgive you"
but... forgiveness can make me forget.

i'm not a person who easily get hurt.
i can control myself.
but, if i'm hurt, it left big deep scar,
i'll remember mybe forever ~~

what can i say the truth here is,
i never once cry for a boyfriend,
but.. i always cry because of my friend.
i cry because i love them, but..
i think they cannot love me ?

i dont know ~~

i'm annoyed but i keep it ~~
i'm hurt and i cry alone,
i'm sad but i smile
i want to cry but instead i'm laughing.

those people, 
who i keep story to them,
thank you for being the ears for me.

The time i wish i can run is..
the time when i'll get hurt from people i love.
so, i will not get hurt,
that person will not hurt me,
and we are happy.

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