Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy in holiday

Wahh !! sory blog ! Aku tak hiraukan kau walau nie cuti.. Msty blog nie rindu giler kat aku kan ? How we guess !! muhahaa ! Yo know what ! I'm busy now.. writing on my fanfics to all people and human around the word :D What that means ? Bhahahaha ! I'm now join as a member mg'gunakan nama samaran :: WinkEyes :: I write story there. I love so much about writing a novel.. but now i can write there and everyone in the word can read this. I'm start two days ago and untill now i get 123 view on my story ^^ I'm hepi you know ! Tpi story tue aku trpksa tulis dlm bahasa Inggeris sbb aku tulis cerita utk satu dunia bukan untuk satu negeri.. Bhahahah ! 

Open this link to read my fics --> He Is My Oppa :) 

And if you free, can you help to suscribe me there ^^ Bhahaahaha ! So , I'm leaving now.. wish me my fics is success :3 

Anneyyong :3

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